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Contract manufacturing services

SrushtyCM, the contract manufacturing arm of Srushty Global Inc., serves as your global alternative for all manufacturing needs. We provide comprehensive solutions from prototyping to production, tailored to suit your requirements. Our offerings include customized manufacturing solutions, allowing you to produce low-volume and prototype units with ease.

End-To-End Manufacturing Services

PCB Assembly

Surface mount, single & double-sided SMT, mixed technology, large parts on both sides

Injection Molding

Experience the versatility of our injection molding services, expertly crafting ABS, PP, POM, HDPE, anti-static grades, TPU, TPE, thermoset, special grades, and more, to bring your designs to life.

System Integration

We excel in system integration, ensuring that all hardware components, including mechanical, electrical, firmware, and software, are seamlessly integrated to deliver a cohesive end-to-end solution.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Discover the precision and flexibility of our sheet metal fabrication services, where we expertly craft a variety of materials including, aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, brass, copper & more


Experience the advantage of small-volume production with our high-quality casting services, offering flexibility and competitive pricing to meet your needs. We specialize in vacuum casting, die casting, chrome casting and more.

CNC Machining

We specialize in CNC machining a variety of materials including aluminum, metals, brass, mild steel (MS), ABS, special grades, and more, offering versatility for diverse project needs


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