System Integration Services

With Srushty CM’s system integration services, build robust, reliable, and scalable devices or systems that deliver optimal performance, functionality, and value.

Our decade-long experience in end-to-end hardware product development helps in efficiently handling the intricacies of system integration. We help you with planning, component procurement, assembly, software integration, testing, and documentation.

Our System Integration Process


Cross-functional Collaboration with Mechanical and electrical design teams especially to address spatial Constraints, and time delays, & improve productivity at the assembly stage.

Prototyping and Testing

We build prototypes to test the integration of mechanical and electrical components early in the product development process & functional testing to ensure that all components work together as intended.

Quality Control, Assurance & Documentation

With our quality experts, we have predefined protocols to analyze, establish, and adhere to the quality standards and conformance for both individual services. It will also ensure the proper alignment, connections, and functionality at various stages of assembly.


With our vast technical expertise in hardware engineering, we can effortlessly handle the assembly of both low & high-volume production.

Compliance and Certification

Our team ensures that the integrated product complies with relevant industry regulations and standards & obtains necessary certifications for the integrated product, especially if it includes electrical components subject to safety or electromagnetic compatibility standards.

Safe packing &

We handle and ensure both Intra & International packaging with Carton, Wood & Specialized custom-designed metal & plastic boxes with foam profiles for cushioning and environmentally safe material selection based on the nature of the Part or assembly.