Injection Molding Services

Unlock the versatility of Srushty CM with our injection molding services, where we offer a range of intricate molding solutions in plastic

We offer injection molding services for a range of materials including ABS, POM & GF upto 40%, PC & GF upto 40%, PP ,PP GF & TF upto 40%, etc.

With a vast experience in hardware product development and system integration, our team has the expertise to build precise solutions for your requirements.

Our Injection Molding Services

Mold Texturing

Common cutting methods include shearing (using a shear), laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, and CNC turret punching.

Threaded Inserts

We offer bending, rolling, stamping, and press braking.

Pad Printing

We are providing Various joining techniques to assemble sheet metal components. Welding (Tig, Mig & Arc) is a common method, but other methods like riveting, bolting, brazing, Clinching, and adhesive bonding can also be employed, depending on the application.

Laser Engraving

Once the components are formed and assembled, finishing processes may be applied. This can include surface treatments such as painting, powder coating, anodizing, or plating to enhance aesthetics and provide additional protection against corrosion.

Basic Assembly

Sheet metal components are often assembled into larger products or structures with proper tools and techniques. Then integrate it into larger assemblies with the support of the core in-house electronics & Software team.


We are validating each & every progress from Materials to packing, in progress inspections, measurements, and testing to verify the integrity and functionality of the parts.

Mold Design

The “Cavity” & “Core” are typically made from Steel or Aluminium, depending on the production volume and the material being used by the Core team.

Quality Control

Quality control measures, including dimensional checks and visual inspections, are carried out to ensure that the molded parts with the specified tolerances and quality standards.
Here are the metrology devices usually we use to validate Universal testing machines, Rapid-I Vision Measuring Systems, Melt flow index testers, Muffle furnaces, and Push-pull gauges.


The post-processing steps such as trimming, De flashing, machining, polishing, sanding, coating, printing, labeling, Heat treatment, and ultrasonic welding.

Materials that we use

Based on the desired properties of the final product, including strength, flexibility, heat resistance, and appearance we prefer & process the material

Our Capabilities

Injection Moulding Capacity – 60, 90, 120, 160, 200, 260T

Die Casting Capacity – 180T


What measures ensure quality assurance in plastic injection molding?

Rigorous quality control measures, including material selection and production process monitoring, ensure impeccable product quality in plastic injection molding.

How does customization play a role in injection molding?

Custom injection molding services allow manufacturers to tailor products to specific client requirements, ensuring unique designs and functionalities.

How does injection molding facilitate rapid prototyping?

Injection molding allows for rapid prototyping by enabling swift design modifications and adjustments, expediting the product development cycle.

What factors contribute to the efficiency of injection molding?

Factors such as advanced machinery, streamlined processes, and precision in molding tests contribute to the efficiency of injection molding in contract manufacturing.