PCB Assembly Services

Explore our PCB assembly services for simple gadgets to complex machinery, we have worked on diverse industries. Our team of engineers have decade long expertise in meticulous arrangement and soldering of electronic components on a PCB

At Srushty CM, we offer intricate PCB assembly in various stages such as soldering, testing and inspection to ensure the functionality and reliability. We have worked on a range of PCBs from small form factor to low volume PCB assembly, from turn key PCB assembly to low cost PCB assembly.

Our PCB Assembly Services

Assembly Types Surface mount, Thru-hole, Mixed Technology (SMT & Thru-hole), Single- or double-sided placement, Conformal coating, SMT assembly BGA, QFN, QFP, LGA soldering assembly, Through-hole assembly, Mixed assembly Rigid-flex printed circuit board assembly
Solder Alloy Types Leaded, Lead-Free(RoHS)
Stencils Type Frame SMT and Frameless Stencils
Quality Standard Quality Grade - Standard IPC 3
Component Types SMT 0201 or larger, BGA 0.35mm pitch, Passives, smallest size 0201, Fine pitch to 08 Mils, Leadless chip carriers/ BGA, VFBGA, FPGA & DFN, Connectors and terminals
PCB Size/Board Size Upto 400 * 350 mm
Board Types Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Rigid-Flex PCBs, Aluminum core PCBs
Machine Semi-auto screen printer SMT S10 Yamaha Pick & Place Machine Konark 145 Oven Wave Soldering High Precision & High-speed Offline AOI
Quality Inspection Visual inspection Solder paste Inspection (SPI) BGA placement – microscope inspection X-ray Inspection

Our Capabilities

EMST PLCT Wave Soldering

Konark 145 Re Flow Oven

MAGICRAY V8 High Precision & High-Speed Offline AOI