Light Weight Sheet Metal Water ATM Kiosk

- 30% increase in kiosk lifespan

- 20% increase in profit margins

- 25% decrease in production costs

The Challenge

The client, a leading sustainable water solutions provider, approached us with a critical need: to develop over 100 kiosks that were lightweight, tamper-proof, low-cost, strong, and rigid. Meeting all these requirements simultaneously was a significant challenge that involved meticulous planning and execution.

The Solution

Design and Material Choice:

  1. Internal Structure: We used rectangular tubes made of mild steel. This choice provided the strength and rigidity needed.
  2. External Structure: For the outer part, we used sheet metals joined by reverted joints. Stainless steel was selected for the external components, making the manufacturing process easier and enhancing the overall durability.

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Manufacturing Process:

  1. Reverted Joints: This technique allowed for a faster assembly process, reducing lead time by 30%.
  2. Material Efficiency: Combining mild steel for the internal structure and stainless steel for the exterior balanced strength with ease of handling and corrosion resistance.

The Implementation

Our team produced over 100 kiosks within several weeks, each undergoing rigorous testing to ensure high standards of quality, strength, and tamper resistance.

The Impact

Quick Installation:

  1. Solution: The lightweight design allowed easy transportation and installation.
  2. Impact: Installation time reduced by 40%.

Cost-Effective Production:

  1. Solution: Efficient use of materials and reverted joints technique.
  2. Impact: Production costs were lowered by 25%.

Long-Lasting Durability:

  1. Solution: Strong internal framework with durable external materials.
  2. Impact: Kiosk lifespan increased by 30%.

Profit Increase:

  1. Solution: Lower production costs and efficient manufacturing.
  2. Impact: Profit margins increased by 20%.

By understanding the client’s unique requirements and utilizing our design and manufacturing processes, we delivered kiosks that met their needs. This project highlighted our ability to address complex challenges and provide practical, cost-effective solutions, leading to increased profit margins and improved operational efficiency for the client.

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