Achieving Complex Tooling for Overmolding Rubber onto Plastic

- 15% overall cost reduction

- Consistently met design specifications and delivery deadlines

The Challenge

Our client faced the intricate task of overmolding rubber onto plastic components, requiring sophisticated tooling and precise manufacturing processes. They aimed to minimize costs associated with tools, parts, and production while ensuring seamless integration of rubber and plastic materials.

The Solution

Advanced Tooling and Cost Optimization:

  1. Tooling Expertise: Leveraging advanced tooling capabilities to handle the complexities of overmolding rubber over plastic.
  2. Cost Reduction Strategy: Implementing strategies to reduce tool, part, and process costs without compromising on quality or performance.

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Design-Led Solutions:

  1. In-House Design Innovation: Our dedicated design team tackled initial teething issues during molding through iterative design improvements.
  2. Process Refinement: Streamlining manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency and reduce cycle times.


Through meticulous design adjustments and process refinements, we successfully addressed initial challenges, ensuring that each component met rigorous quality standards and design specifications.


Cost Efficiency:

  1. Issue faced by client: High tooling and production costs.
  2. Solution: Implemented cost-saving measures in tooling and manufacturing processes.
  3. Impact: Achieved 15% reduction in overall production costs, enhancing cost efficiency.

Quality Assurance and Delivery:

  1. Issue faced by client: Ensuring quality checks and timely delivery.
  2. Solution: Rigorous quality control measures and adherence to delivery schedules.
  3. Impact: Consistently met design specifications and delivery deadlines, ensuring customer satisfaction.

By combining our expertise in tooling, design innovation, and manufacturing efficiency, we successfully navigated the complexities of over-molding rubber over plastic. Our commitment to cost-effective solutions, quality assurance, and timely delivery underscores our dedication to exceeding client expectations.

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