Sheet Metal Components for OEM in Semiconductor Manufacturing

- 95% accuracy in dimensional specifications

- 30% machining cost reduction

The Challenge

A US-based client approached us with a unique requirement: to produce 10 units of sheet metal components using mild steel and aluminum. The challenge lay in achieving precise finishing and short bending without traditional tooling, all while minimizing machining costs.

The Solution

Material and Process Innovation:

  1. Material Selection: We utilized both mild steel and aluminum, each chosen for their specific properties that met the client’s aesthetic and functional requirements.
  2. Tool-Free Process Alteration: Our innovative approach involved redesigning the manufacturing process to eliminate the need for traditional tools. This not only reduced machining costs but also streamlined production.

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The Implementation

With our redesigned process in place, we crafted each unit to ensure exacting standards of quality and precision.

Precise Manufacturing was one of the key highlights of this project. Every step of the production process was meticulously executed to deliver components that met stringent quality criteria.


Cost Efficiency:

  1. Solution: Eliminating tooling reduced machining costs by 30%, enhancing cost efficiency.

Enhanced Precision:

  1. Solution: The redesigned process ensured precise outcomes without compromising on quality.
  2. Impact: Achieved 95% accuracy in dimensional specifications, exceeding client expectations.

Using our material expertise and innovative process redesign, we met our client’s need for high-quality sheet metal components. This project highlights our ability to innovate in manufacturing processes while ensuring precision and cost-effectiveness.

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