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Can we Make in India? Yes, we can :-)

Last February I visited China with two missions, one to visit a large factory to establish collaboration to build our client’s Healthcare Kiosk, with the engineering design improvements that Srushty was working on. Second to source a cost-effective Sheet Metal Laser Cutting machine, to complement our CNC Laser Bending Machine.

Srushty’s C2M Solution wins Innovation Award @ TOI-Medicall 2014

The Automated Tube Labeller (ATL-60) for In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry developed by CPC Diagnostics in collaboration with Srushty Global Solutions won Bronze Award at “Times of India Medicall Innovation Awards 2014”.

Key Innovation Drivers

- Product Need Understanding and Product Positioning by CPC Diagnostics

46-68.2% of laboratory errors occur in the pre-analytical phase. CPC focused on introducing a product to the market to address these errors

- Product Specification & Functionality jointly by CPC Diagnostics and Srushty Global

Demand for speed, feature, capacity, suitability to Phlebotomy workflow, crunch in real-estate footprint - understood spot-on through detailed “Voice of Customer” process

- Product Engineering and User Ergonomics handled by Srushty Global

The mechanical, electrical-electronics, firmware, first level user application developed right from concept, engineering, prototyping, testing and transfer to manufacturing by Srushty Global as one-stop-shop 


Concept to Commercial Launch – The Path Travelled

CPC had identified the problem area through a detailed study in IVD industry. On the process of study, CPC found around 46-68.2% of laboratory errors occur in the pre-analytical phase. CPC determined to introduce a product to the market for addressing these errors. CPC chose Srushty as their extended R&D arm and did a detailed market study to identify the challenges in the existing Pre-analytical process. Based on the market study, both Srushty and CPC arrived at the required and mandatory product specifications.

Srushty had taken the responsibility for mechanical, electronics and firmware design & first level of software design for converting this inventive idea to a real product. With a clinical and meticulous approach, Srushty moved ahead in faster pace and developed the first demo product within three months’ time. The demo product was compact and occupied small foot print area and successfully addressed the core functionality of the product. With the success of demo product, Srushty aggressively progressed with design and development and successfully released the product with all required technical specification and features.

Srushty - Award


The ATL-60


The Automatic Tube Labeller, to be used at Phlebotomy Station in IVD industry

Alt-60 Device


Key Features

Reducing Time and Error

- Automatic selection of type of blood collection tubes based LIS patient data

- Printing and Pasting Barcode Label to tubes in predetermined position


Flexibility to adapt pre-existing and varied Workflow

- Smallest foot print to accommodate most Phlebotomy Area

- Facility to label pre-filled tubes

- Automatic Auxiliary printing for labelling urine and other type of samples

- Facility of easy interface with LIS / HMS  


About CPC Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd

CPC diagnostic is engaging in manufacture, marketing, distribution and servicing of medical and diagnostic equipment.


About Srushty Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Srushty is engaging in engineering consultancy, product innovation, design and development with primary focuses on providing innovative and cost effective solution.


About Medicall, Chennai

Medicall is organized by Medexpert Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd and is India’s premier hospital needs and equipment exposition and the biggest of its kind in India. Medicall brings the latest, appropriate and affordable technologies, for the benefit of all hospitals including smaller hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and physicians setting up group practice.


About Times of India Medicall Innovation Award

Medicall in collaboration with “Times of India” gives innovation awards to recognize, showcase and encourage innovation in the field of Healthcare. In 2014, Around 150 applicants applied for innovation award and 11 were shortlisted for final to present their innovation.