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Can we Make in India? Yes, we can :-)

Last February I visited China with two missions, one to visit a large factory to establish collaboration to build our client’s Healthcare Kiosk, with the engineering design improvements that Srushty was working on. Second to source a cost-effective Sheet Metal Laser Cutting machine, to complement our CNC Laser Bending Machine.

My visit to the Chinese factory was inspiring, they are literally the sole supplier of all type of kiosks of China’s domestic needs. They almost cover all the global needs with very sophisticated infrastructure with vast amount of expertise and experienced technical staff.

Next, I was at the vendor site of the low-cost sheet metal laser cutting machine that we were sourcing, to inspect the machine that would be delivered to Srushty shortly. It was comparatively far less sophisticated and about 10% less than the cost of the average machine, I saw at the large Chinese manufacturer.

I felt our infra is like a sand dust in the Himalayan foot hill, when I compared the infra at the large Chinese manufacturer to ours. It had more than 50 high end machines and other matching infrastructure

My mind went viral with mirage of confused thoughts and questions. Why India is far behind China when it comes to manufacturing?! Why we lack focus in building products of best quality in India? What makes these Chinese manufacturers produce such wonderful high-quality products? What Infra difference India lacks to make similar success in product manufacturing?

Can we, personally, Can I achieve similar fete with the minuscule infra that I have at Srushty?

What is the real, I am mean the real core difference, to “Make in India”, a reality?

The only meaningful answer that I could get in my mind was “THE INTENT”, we just need the intent.

The burning desire in my mind soon become a very focused INTENT to achieve here in India what I saw in China.

Now less than 12 months from my visit, thanks to Satyender Goel, CEO, India Health Link Pvt Ltd, deciding to fuel my INTENT with his commitment to this Make in India Dream, we now have our First Made in India unit, shipped out of our facility 🙂

The Hardware Design Team, & Electrical which meticulously re-engineered the Mechanical and Electrical aspects of the product to meet DFM requirements based on the capability of Srushty’s Manufacturing Infrastructure.

The Manufacturing Team, which put their heart and soul to ensure we meet high quality and finish, second to none, with the minuscule manufacturing infrastructure with which we started this dream.

The Software Team, which had been working for long and hard to bring the Software Architecture redeployed to Indian needs, and migrating to Indian Servers and Indian User Experience needs.

The Management and Administration Team which worked tirelessly to meet every day demands from souring to all infra and resource challenges.

The extended Srushty-IHL Team which brings the spirit behind the success of this great milestone.

The last but not the least, the confidence and the reassurance, that a real INTENT can help stride against the odds, the team Srushty is now ready to promise to our customers that we can help you Make in India.