Turning Ideas
to reality

physically & virtually


At Srushty, we empower creation through which you can achieve your business goals. Transform your ideas from both the physical and virtual worlds into reality with us.

Srushty Team

Srushty is a 14-year-old company with a vision of creating every idea into a marketable product with world-class engineering solutions. The name ‘Srushty’ originates from Sanskrit, meaning ‘Creation,’ reflecting our core philosophy. At Srushty, creation is in our DNA. Over the years Srushty has seen remarkable growth expanding services across the globe with a spectrum of offerings in hardware product development, engineering services, IoT software development, contract manufacturing and 3D modeling. We are on a mission to be the catalyst of creation by being the growth enablers for businesses.

Our Mission

To create your visions of physical and virtual worlds into reality. We are committed to being the catalyst of creation taking your ideas to reality with a team of world-class engineers and Subject Matter Experts across the globe.

Our Vision

We envision a future where our solutions drive progress, foster innovation, and create lasting value for our clients, partners, and communities worldwide. Across a spectrum of services including Hardware Product Development, Engineering Services, IoT Software Development, Contract Manufacturing & 3D Modeling.

What we stand for?



Creative solutions for complex engineering problems


Working closely with partners & clients to achieve innovative outcomes


World-class in-house expertise & global SMEs as eco-system partners


Driving business growth with a spectrum of creative solutions

Our Leadership Team

Maruthachala Mandiram
Maruthachala Mandiram Founder & CEO
Marx Arun Pachaiappa
Marx Arun Pachaiappa VP - Operations
Kumara Teja Gadamsetty
Kumara Teja Gadamsetty VP - Sales & Marketing
Zaheer NM
Zaheer NM Program Manager
Nithyanandhan Project Lead - Hardware

Sakthi Raja
Sakthi Raja Associate General Manager
Umesh Project Manager

Nagarajan Associate General Manager

Eco-System Partners


Life At Srushty


Our team is a close-knit family, where everyone is encouraged to share ideas, learn from each other, and grow together. With a flexible and supportive work environment, we have the freedom to explore new concepts and bring them to life.

At Srushty, we understand the importance of work-life balance and encourage our team to pursue activities that bring them joy and relaxation outside of work. Whether it’s team outings, hobbies, or simply spending time with loved ones, we believe that a well-rounded life outside of work enhances our creativity and productivity when we’re on the job.