Concept to Manufacturing

Get your product developed right from idea to commercially ready product with end-to-end responsibility. Covering Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Firmware and Software.

2D and 3D CAD

Mechanical CAD Design & Drafting

Mechanical design support using latest CAD Technology.


Mechanical & Electronics

Quick validation of design by prototyping, using internal infrastructure and eco-system partners. Covering Sheet metal, Machined, Plastic Rapid Proto, PCB and PCBA.

Engineering Solutions

SMEs with domain expertise

Global Technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with right experience and expertise, as and when required. Covering Media Handling, Power Electronics, Plastic & Sheet Metal Design, Industrial Design, Industrial Automation, Tooling Experts, FEA, Global Souring. Medical Electronics, Compliance & Certification.

Sheet Metal Design

For Medical Devices

Enclosure and product design with minimum or no-tooling with appealing aesthetics, to meet low volume or early stage pilot production. Engineer product to meet compliance standards. Usage of 3D printing, aesthetic sheet metal manufacturing, alternative manufacturing methods such as RIM, vacuum forming, vacuum casting for low tooling cost.

Plastic Design


Design to meet aesthetic, miniaturization, meeting functional requirement and compliance requirement such as drop, vibration, Ingress-Protection, EMI/EMC compliance. Competent to take total responsibility for engineering design and work closely with Industrial Designer, and PCB Designer to meet form and function.

Electronic Packaging


Electronic Packaging design in Plastic, Sheet Metal and in combination to meet aesthetic and functional requirement. The expertise include engineering design to meet thermal specification EMI/EMC compliance, Shock & Vibration and al other regulatory requirements.



Do you want to ...

        Realize your Product Idea

        Accelerate your product Time-to-Market with a smaller budget

        Augment your engineering team capacity with Flexible Staffing

        Have an Out-of-the-Box solution to your engineering problem

Concept Development

Market/problem analysis and development of conceptual solutions to meet functional and commercial objectives. Do Industrial Design to make the solution to meet aesthetic and ergonomic requirements.

Concept Validation

Validate the concept's functional and commercial feasibility with QUICK & FRUGAL prototypes covering Mechanical, Electrical, Firmware and Software.

Mechanical Design

Design Plastic and/or Sheet metal enclosures, Mechanisms, Drives to meet structural, functional, EMI/EMC, IP and thermal requirements. Engineer the design to meet DFx requirements using CAD Tools and Engineering Principles.

Electronic Design

Design Control, Communication, IO, Interface and Power circuits. Select component, develop PCB layouts & GERBERs. Engineer the design to meet performance, EMI/EMC, reliability, power budgeting, and thermal requirements.


Develop firmware for embedded systems for control, communication and protocol conversion requirements. Develop application software for user interface & control using C, C++ & .Net framework.

Functional Prototype

Prototype Mechanical and Electronics using in-house infrastructure and eco-system partners. Prototyping spans Rapid Prototype for plastics, Machined Components, Sheet Metal, PCB, PCBA, Harnesses and sourcing all mechanical and electrical bought-out items.

Product Validation

Integrate and test for functionality and reliability. Develop test automation systems. Drive Alpha and Beta field trials. Validate IP, Shock & Vibration, Thermal, EMI/EMC and Transportation requirements. Cover compliance and certification for CE, UL and FCC.


Transfer to EMS/Production house. Build production line & automation. Develop Packaging, User and Service Manuals.


Widespread Competency

Srushty is a team of experienced Product Engineering professionals with Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Firmware and Software background. Srushty also ropes in eco-system partners who have the specialized knowledge and experience relevant to the product line.


One-Stop Shop

The Product Development process, right from Industrial Designing, Concept Design and Prototyping, Engineering Design, Engineering Prototypes, Functional Testing, Reliability Testing, Production Release & Planning, Compliance Testing and Certification, can be handled by Srushty.


Global Delivery Model

Srushty has an eco-system that can be leveraged, to bring in global talent, international sourcing and global delivery of products and solutions with optimal cost structure.


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