Design and Fabrication of a Cost-Effective Spin Coater


Spin Coater is Material Science Laboratory Equipment, the product was envisaged to compete popular international brand, with improved specification, significant cost advantage and fully design and manufactured in India.

Srushty, helped Navson for end-to-end product development right from concept till production readiness, covering Industrial Design, Mechanical, Electrical, Firmware, and Software, Manufacturing.


To develop and manufacture Spin Coater which can give a very comfortable user experience and still be priced very low. The spin coater should be capable of accelerating from low to high speed within the specified time and should run at the specified speed for the required time.



  • The spin coater designed has better features, yet is highly economical when compared with competitive products.
  • The motor selected produces very less vibration, which eventually reduces the vibration of the overall machine. This results in a homogeneous coating over the substrates.
  • The motor produces very less noise, which makes it ideal to be installed in laboratory environment.
  • The spin coater has an impressive user interface, which allows the user to actively interact with the system.
  • The machine offers the flexibilty of accelerating to the required speed in any required time
    with a minimum of 1.5 seconds.
  • The spin coater comes with an in built memory, which allows data logging.
  • The overall machine is compact and lighter.

Key Challenges

The sensored approach enabled the motor to achieve 6500 rpm without facing any problem. Beyond 6500 RPM the MOSFETs were observed to be overheating and damaged. The solution for this issue is being explored currently.

Implementation & Solution

-Examined various outputs to choose the necessary RPM and torque for progression. Employed JIS B 0401 standards for fitting and tolerance, followed by machining a prototype to assess the mechanism.


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