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3D Furniture Modeling of Entire Portfolio for a Major Furniture Manufacturer

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A major furniture manufacturer in the US sought Srushty 3D for 3D furniture modeling services. The main objective is to digitize their diverse portfolio using realistic product visualization of their furniture models.

Our approach

In this project, we used our digital studio to show one object in specialized ways. One clay model, with our efficient UV unwrapping techniques, can be used for creating multiple textures. This is especially useful for this client who has a variety of textures for one type of furniture. Which reduced the need for physical prototypes as we can realistically render all the textures. 

Photorealistic 3D models with 360-degree visualization

The client has multiple furniture textures, but not the actual physical product. The main aim of the client is sustainable manufacturing, when a user orders for a particular object it will then go for manufacturing. This is where our photorealistic 3D models came in handy. We created a wide portfolio of photorealistic 3D models with textures available to the client. This helped in creating their digital portfolio of over 1450 assets.

3D furniture modeling
3D furniture modeling 2
3D furniture modeling 3

Our process

This is the case study of a wicker chair which involves complex techniques to get accurate results.

Vendor diagram – We used true proportions and dimensions from the vendor diagram to avoid scaling issues.

Mesh Creation – We utilized Blender, Maya, and 3ds Max to create the initial mesh, ensuring optimal results with quad-based modeling. During this stage, we pay close attention to avoiding Ngons in the model, focusing instead on using quads for optimal results. This meticulous approach makes the subsequent unwrapping process more efficient. 

Texturing – Wicker models involve procedural texturing which only experts can do. Our team of experts used procedural texturing techniques for wicker models, focusing on realistic wood textures. Reference images and advanced Photoshop techniques were employed for meticulous crafting. To achieve proper texturing we focus on unwrapping and topology.

Studio lighting Our digital studio effect and lighting artists ensured realistic renders without the need for a physical studio.

At Srushty 3D, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality 3D modeling services that exceed client expectations. Contact us today to transform your product portfolio into stunning digital assets.


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