Realistic Interior 3D Architectural Visualization for A Home Decor Company


A home decor company based in the US approached Srushty 3D for realistic interior 3D architectural visualization of their products. We created over 30 assets for their entire portfolio, showcasing their home decor products with stunning interior design and lighting.

Our Process

Here’s a detailed overview of how we approached this particular 3D render:


Room Layout:

Open-Plan Design: Emphasizing a seamless flow between living areas, optimizing the placement of furniture for both functionality and visual appeal.


Color Scheme:

Soft Neutral Tones: Mid-white walls create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Sophisticated Accents: Touches of teal and gold in furniture and decor pieces add a layer of sophistication.

Realistic Interior 3D Architectural Visualization_1

Lighting Design

Ambient Lighting: A combination of pendant lights and recessed spotlights for task lighting.

Natural Light: Strategically placed windows enhance the natural light, creating a brighter feel during the day.


Benefits of Realistic 3D Rendering

Realistic 3D rendering offers a cost-effective solution for design exploration, eliminating the need for expensive physical models. This allows designers to swiftly iterate through various options, ensuring a perfect fit for every project without breaking the bank.


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