Creating hPod: The End-to-End Journey of a Health Vitals Self-Assessment Kiosk

A medical kiosk that can measure BP, SPO2, ECG, BMI and a range of other enhanced features.


hPod, a cutting-edge self-assessment kiosk for health vitals, is a flagship project of Srushty PD developed for India Health Link, where we were tasked to adapt and enhance an existing design.

We supported end-to-end hardware product development, right from industrial design and UI/UX development to electrical and electronic design, firmware and software development, sourcing, manufacturing, and precise delivery to customer locations across India.

Client’s Requirement

The client wanted to reverse engineer a health kiosk for self-assessment of health vitals, enhancing it with additional features including ECG, BP, full-body fat analysis, and BMI measurement. The goal was to support end-to-end product development to production supply, focusing on optimizing cost and localization. The project involved expertise in biomedical engineering, electrical electronics, and firmware development.



From technical complexities in integrating new features to practical considerations such as cost optimization and localization the project posed significant challenges to our team.

  • Integration of Additional Features: Integrating new features such as ECG, BP measurement, full-body fat analysis, and BMI measurement into the existing kiosk design.
  • Cost Optimization: Optimizing manufacturing costs while adding new features and maintaining quality.
  • Localization: Adapting the design and components for local manufacturing and market requirements.
  • Testing and Validation: Ensuring the reliability and accuracy of new features, particularly ECG and BP measurement.
  • Production Supply Chain: Managing the production supply chain for timely and cost-effective manufacturing.
  • Documentation and Training: Providing comprehensive documentation and training for users and maintenance personnel.

Our Work

  • Reverse Engineering of Part of Mechanical Design: Analyzing and modifying existing mechanical designs to accommodate new features.
  • Kiosk Platform – Hardware Control, Firmware & Data Interpretation: Developing hardware control systems, firmware, and data interpretation algorithms for the kiosk platform.
  • Kiosk User Interface – UI/UX and SW Development: Designing user-friendly interfaces and software using Amazon Cloud, PHP, MySQL, and Android Development.
  • Manufacturing & Production – Mech, Electrical & Integration, Logistics: Managing the integration of mechanical and electrical components, as well as logistics, for efficient manufacturing and production.


Improved Health Assessment: The enhanced kiosk provides users with a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of their health vitals, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health.

Enhanced User Experience: The user-friendly interface and seamless integration of features enhance the overall user experience, making the kiosk more accessible and easy to use.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing: Our optimization efforts in manufacturing and production have resulted in a cost-effective solution that meets high-quality standards.

Localization and Market Adaptation: The design and components of the kiosk have been adapted for local manufacturing and market requirements, ensuring its relevance and suitability for different regions.

Future Scalability: The modular design of the kiosk and the use of advanced technologies such as Amazon Cloud allow for future scalability and integration of additional features.


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