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End-To-End Design & Development Services

Idea to Production


Industrial & Mechanical Design

Design user-friendly, attractive, and manufacturable products with our mechanical engineering and industrial design services. We ensure plastic and/or sheet metal enclosures, mechanisms, and drives meet structural, functional, EMI/EMC, IP, and thermal needs. Using CAD tools, we engineer designs to fulfill DFx requirements.


Electrical, Electronics & Firmware

With our end-to-end electrical & firmware capabilities, we help you plan, Create design control, Communication, IO, Interface and Power circuits, Creating software for embedded systems as well as develop user interfaces and control functions 







Software for the Hardware

Craft software solutions for embedded systems alongside developing user interfaces and control functions. Our expertise extends to creating application software for user interface and control, employing languages such as C, C++, and the .NET framework.





Proto, Low Volume & Production

As a critical stage of New Product Development (NPD), we specialize in providing low-prototype (proto) and low-volume production services for final products. Our tailored processes cater to your requirements, whether you need a small quantity of items for testing, initial market introduction, or specialized purposes

Compliance Certifications we support
UL Certification
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FDA Certification
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Srushty Product Development Service

Your Virtual R&D Team to realize your HW Idea

Unlock the potential of our 65+ in-house engineers at Srushty PD, offering creative solutions for complex engineering challenges.

  • Accelerated Time to Market
  • Optimal Budget
Our Product Development Process

We've got this for you!

Delve into our creative process of transforming your hardware product idea into reality, meticulously crafted at every step for precision

  • 01Understand your requirements & constraints. Study market and technology for product viability
  • 02Technology Selection and Industrial Design to arrive at Cost and Feel of the Product
  • 03Concept development, covering Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Firmware & Software. Proof-of-Concept Proto
  • 04Engineering Design to bring reliability, manufacturability, compliance requirement. Functional Proto for field trials
  • 05Certification and Compliance to meet Regulatory standards. FDA, CE, UL, FCC
  • 06Initiate low-volume pilot production lots, and seamlessly scale to high-volume production
  • 07Support ongoing improvement and support for field issue
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