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SrushtyPD supported CPC diagnostic in developing this Automated Tube Labeller (ATL-60). With its advanced features, compact design, and seamless integration with LIS and HMS systems, the ATL-60 is poised to revolutionize sample labelling, improving workflow efficiency and enhancing patient care.


The Automated Tube Labeller (ATL-60), a collaborative innovation between CPC Diagnostics and Srushty Global Solutions, addresses the pressing need for accuracy and efficiency in the pre-analytical phase of laboratory operations in the IVD industry. This automated labelling solution aims to significantly reduce errors and streamline workflows in laboratories, ultimately improving patient care and diagnostic accuracy.


The IVD industry faces a substantial challenge with a high percentage (46-68.2%) of errors occurring in the pre-analytical phase, primarily related to sample labeling. Traditional manual labeling methods are prone to human errors, leading to sample misidentification and potentially incorrect diagnostic results. Additionally, the existing solutions in the market lack the speed, capacity, and flexibility required to meet the demands of modern laboratory workflows.

Our Work

The development process of the ATL-60 involved a systematic approach that combined innovative design with robust engineering principles. SrushtyPD utilized its expertise in mechanical, electronic, and firmware design, as well as software development, to create a cutting-edge solution for the IVD industry.

Mechanical Design: Srushty engineers focused on creating a compact and efficient design that could accommodate the necessary components while minimizing the device’s footprint. There is a gear-based, belt-driven mechanism for the motor. This is mainly for transferring small loads (vials) from one place to another. 

Electronic Design: The electronic design of the ATL-60 was aimed at integrating advanced sensors and control systems to automate the labeling process. Srushty engineers developed custom circuitry and PCB layouts to optimize the device’s performance and ensure compatibility with a variety of tube types and sizes.

Firmware Development: Srushty’s firmware team developed a user-friendly interface for the ATL-60, allowing laboratory staff to easily select tube types and initiate the labeling process. The firmware also includes advanced algorithms for barcode printing and positioning, ensuring precise labeling every time.

Software Integration: One of the key features of the ATL-60 is its seamless integration with LIS and HMS systems. Srushty engineers developed software protocols that allow the device to communicate with these systems, enabling automatic selection of tube types based on patient data and ensuring accurate labeling of samples.

Testing and Validation: Throughout the development process, Srushty conducted rigorous testing and validation to ensure that the ATL-60 met the highest standards of quality and performance. The device underwent extensive testing for reliability, accuracy, and durability, ensuring that it could withstand the demands of daily laboratory use.


The ATL-60 has revolutionized the pre-analytical phase of laboratory operations in the IVD industry, significantly reducing errors and improving workflow efficiency. By automating the tube labeling process, laboratories can minimize the risk of sample misidentification, leading to more accurate diagnostic results. The device’s small footprint and flexibility have made it a valuable addition to phlebotomy areas, enabling laboratories to optimize their space while enhancing their capabilities.

Overall, the ATL-60 has had a profound impact with Srushty & CPC Diagnostics winning the Times of India Mediacall Innovation Awards 2014.


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