NVIDIA with Srushty ES

Possibilities are endless with NVIDIA Jetson Orin in Action!

Our engineers are crafting innovative solutions with NVIDIA Jetson Orin, unlocking its immense power to revolutionize diverse applications. 

Here are some interesting use cases where Jetson Orin, robotic arms, CAN protocol communication, and OpenCV image processing converge to redefine the future:

Robotic Arms with Precision:

Imagine robotic arms in manufacturing plants equipped with Jetson Orin, seamlessly communicating via the CAN protocol. With the unmatched computational capabilities of Jetson Orin and real-time data exchange facilitated by CAN, these robotic arms exhibit unparalleled precision and efficiency in assembly tasks. We have delivered numerous robotic projects involving pick and place robots.

Image Processing Applications:

With OpenCV on Jetson Orin, we’re transforming image-processing landscapes. In document management, Jetson Orin’s processing speed combined with OpenCV’s algorithms ensures swift and accurate document classification, extraction, and storage, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

NVIDIA Service

Food Delivery Reinvented

Picture this: food delivery drones equipped with Jetson Orin, navigating urban landscapes with precision and safety. With image processing capabilities, these drones effortlessly identify delivery locations, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. 

PCI Carrier Board Innovation:

With PCI interface in Jetson Orin, we can develop enhanced career boards. From integrating additional sensors for enhanced perception to amplifying connectivity options for seamless data exchange, the possibilities are endless.

Speech AI Applications:

With Jetson Orin’s robust architecture as the foundation, our team is venturing into speech AI applications. From virtual assistants to voice-controlled interfaces, Jetson Orin’s computational accuracy and versatility empower the development of intuitive and responsive AI systems.

This is just a glance of a busy day filled with creative solutions at Srushty!