Srushty Helped Wetflix Solutions

Client Spotlight: How Srushty Helped Wetflix Solutions Realize Its Vision In Water Management

“Their dependable, knowledgeable team was instrumental in bringing our vision to life,” says Simon Fabien, Founder of Wetflix Solutions.

We recently collaborated with Simon to develop a iot based water management system, and the partnership yielded numerous benefits beyond just cost savings in a short period. Like many aspiring entrepreneurs with a vision to create change, Simon had an innovative idea to transform water management. He sought a dedicated engineering team to bring his idea to life and turn it into a product.

The project spanned a year, during which Simon aimed to develop a smart water management system. At Srushty, we pride ourselves on working closely with startups to help them realize their dreams by developing engineering solutions. Our team of 65+ engineers is passionate about product engineering.

Simon achieved his vision with the support of SrushtyPD, where our dedicated team, with immense experience and passion in hardware product development, assisted him every step of the way. The product is now in its finishing stages, and we are gearing up for manufacturing.

In the initial talks, Simon visited Srushty’s team and instantly knew that we could help him bring his product to market quickly. 

Reflecting on our year-long journey, Simon shared:

“I’m the founder of a small startup with a big vision, rooted in helping communities in developing countries manage and consume their stored water supplies. We partnered with Srushty to help us realize this vision, and it’s been quite a wonderful alignment. The Srushty team has been dependable, knowledgeable, focused, and supportive throughout the journey. My definition of success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea. Thanks to Srushty, I can see we’re on the road to success.”

Our collaboration with Simon Fabien and Wetflix Solutions shows how innovative ideas can become groundbreaking products with the right support and expertise. At Srushty, we are committed to helping visionaries like Simon turn their dreams into reality, fostering innovation, and creating impactful solutions.


Sriram Parthiban

Business Analyst, Srushty Global Solutions

Meet Sriram, a visionary business analyst in India’s dynamic contract manufacturing sector, dedicated to serving discerning clients throughout the USA. With strategic expertise and a sharp focus on optimizing supply chains, Sriram is driven to elevate India’s manufacturing prowess on the global stage. His goal is to position India not only as a leading manufacturer for the world but also as a pioneer in setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation, shaping a revolutionary industry landscape.