Outsourcing Excellence

Outsourcing Excellence – Why India Leads in Engineering and R&D Services

India is emerging as the top choice for Engineering and R&D services, according to a report by the Times of India based on research by Zinnov. The country has seen significant growth in both large and medium-sized MNCs establishing their own Captive Engineering and R&D centers, as well as the growth of Outsourced Engineering and R&D centers. This growth includes small, highly focused Outsourced Engineering and R&D centers catering to small and start-up organizations globally, forming a pool of Nano Outsourced Engineering and R&D centers.


Unique Needs of Small and Start-Up Organizations

Small companies have distinct needs, requiring a one-stop-shop for end-to-end product development covering Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics, Firmware, and Software. They need to complement their core technological strength with expertise and experience, sometimes starting with little technological know-how but with a market-potential idea. These companies also require the ability to quickly prototype concepts to validate the market and secure funding for the next stage, and eventually take the engineering design to production with minimal budget and timeline in a global setting. This demands Nano Outsourced Engineering and R&D centers to be flexible, nimble, scalable, and versatile.

Key Factors for Effective Nano Outsourced Engineering and R&D Centers

The effectiveness of Nano Outsourced Engineering and R&D centers depends on their experience in developing end-to-end products, their ability to bring in Global Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from relevant domains on-demand, frugal engineering practices to do more with less, cost-effective in-house prototyping capabilities, an ecosystem of partners for Industrial Design, Prototyping, Tooling, Manufacturing, and Assembly, managing early-stage low volume production, taking the product to compliance and certification, and providing effective technical support after product launch.

Srushty’s Role in India’s Outsourced Engineering and R&D Services

Srushty is proud to be part of India’s growing space in Outsourced Engineering and R&D Services, focusing on serving and supporting small and start-up organizations as a Nano Outsourced Engineering and R&D center.