Maruthachala Mandiram

Maruthachala Mandiram

10 April

A Date with Epitome of Humanity

A Date with Epitome of Humanity

I had the great privilege of meeting Dr. S. S Badrinath, Founder, Emeritus Chairman of Sankara Nethralaya, and spent over 2 hours sharing the Vision of Srushty to the Vision Man of India.

Needless to say, I was really touched by the great man’s simplicity, vision, passion, patriotism, and philosophy behind building one of the greatest health care institutions in India.

It was a significant milestone for our journey over last 6 months with team Sankara Nethralaya, understanding Sankara Nethralaya’s vision of serving India and the world with their social conscious approach towards affordable and high quality eye care. And it was humbling to know how Engineering & Innovation can greatly help in their endeavour, and how eager the organization is to embrace Engineering Innovation.

Today team Srushty could share some early prototypes of Vision Care products, and get some of the ideas appreciated by Dr. Badrinath himself which is really a proud moment.

To crown it all, as part of wrap-up of the discussion, Dr. Badrinath’s summary highlighting that “Goals of Sankara Nethralaya and Srushty are well aligned” is truly equal to the highest award I could have imagined and a great acknowledgement of the very idea of Srushty and our mission towards “Make in India”.

08 December

In Conversation with Shiv!!!

I had a great opportunity today to spend time, in close proximity, with one of the most inspiring leaders and the man behind HCL which made me live my life to the fullest...I was in conversation with Shiv Nadar.


When I had met him last time, in early 2000, when he addressed group of HCLites (CODCian to be precise) in an all hands meeting, he reinforced my passion to chase product development as a career. I recall that in answering to a question, Shiv said, " I enjoyed developing products during early days of HCL, I wish we could do more of it now too..."

It truly motivated me to walk faster towards creating an enterprise fully focusing on product development.



Today, in his address to the gathering, he touched 2 important events of HCL history, and I am very proud to be part of both the events.

One: Formation of HCL Technologies Ltd, and role of Cisco ODC

He talked in length about how HCL-Cisco ODC was formed, and which became one of the most successful engagement in off-shoring and was key in carving out HCL Tech as separate entity in offering Technology Services.

And I proud that I was part of the early HCL-Cisco ODC team, I was among the first 100 something member team which pioneered the relationship. It was truly a rewarding experience to be part of HCL-CODC and witness in close proximity how the industries first risk-reward business model came into form.

Two: HCL's tryst with Mechanical Engineering, and Xerox engagement

In a question on HCL pioneering effort in micro computers, first RDBMS, first DOS and challenges faced in developing HCL's own copiers in early days, Shiv candidly admitted that the challenge in developing the copier was in complexity of Mechanical engineering, and he added that, now HCL has grown to the level on designing and developing copiers to Xerox Corporation, in collaboration with Xerox, which was the pioneer in copiers technology.

And I am indeed very proud to be the Manager, who did the first delivery in Mechanical Engineering space to Xerox, from HCL, and graduating the engagement into designing and developing end-to-end products in media handling (paper path), and anchoring the planning process from engineering delivery end, which led to one of the largest deal with Xerox, to design and develop a complete monochrome A3 printer-copier for Xerox by HCL.


To sum it, it was a very nostalgic and truly motivating day, to live again through my life at HCL, and how I set out to start what I do now, and key events in HCL which I am truly proud to be part of and learn from, to use for rest of my life. Shiv and HCL, thank you for everything...

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