Self-Assessment Kiosk Making Healthcare Accessible For All

Self-assessment kiosks are revolutionizing healthcare accessibility, and bridging gaps in healthcare disparities globally. These HIPAA/FDA-compliant devices, equipped with data analytics and security features, democratize healthcare by providing valuable insights and easy tracking for users.

In a country where the doctor-to-patient ratio is at an abysmal level, these kiosks play a big role in closing this gap. Many people in rural areas have to travel for kilometres to get basic checkups done or to find a healthcare provider. 

Democratizing healthcare

Health kiosks, such as hPod, which was developed by Srushty Global Solutions for India Health Link, play a pivotal role in healthcare monitoring. These kiosks facilitate the monitoring of various health metrics such as blood pressure, BMI, ECG, SPO2, and full-body fat analysis. Additionally, they offer a cloud platform for online doctor consultations.

The platform enables healthcare providers to monitor patient data and community health trends. Furthermore, the kiosks feature a medicine dispensing unit that provides prescribed medications to patients, marking a significant advancement in democratizing healthcare access.

“As engineers, our goal is to develop solutions that not only meet technical requirements but also make a significant societal impact. We’ve successfully created kiosks for the US market and have expanded our portfolio to include a range of biomedical-compliant devices. These devices, designed for phlebotomy, physiotherapy, and medicine storage, are a testament to our commitment to advancing healthcare innovation.” says Maruthachala Mandiram, Founder & CEO, of Srushty Global Solutions, India.

Srushty Global Solutions has been at the forefront of groundbreaking biomedical innovations, collaborating on a range of projects that have redefined healthcare standards. Among these innovations are:FDA-Approved Healthcare Device: Similar to the hPod, this device offers advanced features tailored for the US market, ensuring compliance with FDA regulations.

Vaccine Vial Storage Device: Recognizing the critical role of precise temperature control in vaccine efficacy, we developed an IoT-based solution. This device can carry over 40-50 vials, a significant improvement over existing solutions that could only accommodate 4-5 vials. The device also features precise temperature monitoring via a web app, ensuring optimal vaccine storage conditions.

Award-Winning Phlebotomy Device: Our phlebotomy device has revolutionized the blood collection process by reducing errors. It dispenses blood sample vials and automatically labels them using a barcode scanner, improving efficiency and accuracy in healthcare settings.

These innovations underscore our commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology and improving patient outcomes through creative solutions.