Charzer - Revolutionizing Two-Wheeler Mobility with Smart EV Charging

End-to-end support for Smart EV Charger, from product development to low-volume manufacturing 


In this all-inclusive EV charger designed for two-wheelers, Srushty PD engaged in mechanical design, electronics, PCB design, and IoT integration for GSM communication within the device.

Every phase, from technology development to design and manufacturing, was expertly executed in India by Srushty. 


To develop and manufacture a comprehensive IoT-enabled electric vehicle (EV) charger tailored for two-wheelers in the Indian market, with a focus on facilitating low-volume manufacturing.


Our Work

  • Mechanical engineering: Component selection, IP-rated enclosure design, and prototyping
  • Electrical engineering: PCB design, schematic design, PCB fabrication, board bring-up, testing, complete firmware development for hardware and cloud integration, field testing, and support
  • Manufacturing: Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) for hardware, sheet metal fabrication, PCB manufacturing and assembly, testing and validation, system integration, tools and test fixtures, injection molding, low-volume production, and packaging, shipment, and logistics


  • Successfully manufactured 200 units
  • Implemented real-time energy monitoring and relay control
  • Achieved live data transmission of energy and GPS coordinates
  • Integrated with AWS cloud using MQTT Protocol
  • Enabled GSM and GPS connectivity



Tech Stack

End-to-end HW Product Dev