Engineering Services for Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers

Partner with Srushty, where we work as your extended team to optimize cost and time for Go-To-Market. Our engineering solutions, with a deep understanding of semicon standards, ensure seamless integration with your existing processes. This maximizes efficiency and enables growth.

Get expert support that directly benefits your operations by focusing on sustaining and value engineering

In the downturn of the semiconductor industry, it is strategically important to optimize cost and still be ready for the turnaround and potential to grow. As a leader in semiconductor equipment manufacturing, achieving faster Go-to-Market and cost efficiency is crucial for making a significant impact.

The key to success is a team that understands semiconductor standards and can integrate quickly with your R&D team, extending engineering capacity cost-effectively.

Since even minor deviations can cause significant performance issues or delays, partnering with the right team with the ability to make quick innovations under stringent quality standards is essential.

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Explore our engineering solutions, tailored for semiconductor equipment manufacturers.

Accelerate Time To Market

Get your product market-ready with design updates, manufacturing drawings, prototyping, testing, and managing ECOs and ECNs.

Optimize Product Design

Design for Cost and Design for Manufacturing optimization

Cost Efficiency

Optimize BoMs to reduce costs and simplify assembly.

Tackle Supply Chain Issues

Address supply chain challenges from legacy products/interfaces with a quick and effective ECO process

Manage Obsolescence

Manage the obsolescence of end-of-life component modules

Define Firmware/ Software Interfaces

Define and document requirements for firmware and software interfaces

Our strength lies in identifying and addressing problems at their fundamental roots. Our engineers are rigorously trained in SEMI standards, and essential engineering principles, ensuring high precision, reliability, and seamless integration. This minimizes costs and allows you to focus on innovation while we handle the operational details of your semiconductor projects.

Engineering Services for Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers

Mechanical engineering services

ECN/ ECO support, 2D manufacturing drawing, 3D manual creation, cost reduction

Electrical Engineering services

Wiring diagrams, schematics, PCB assembly, BoM optimization, thermal management, validation

Software Engineering Services

Virtual support for machines, L1, L2, L3 support, Product testing, Custom software solutions for semiconductor equipment

Manufacturing services

Storage solutions, customized racks, packaging and shipping solutions

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