Support for a Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer in Electron Gun Assembly


A prominent capital equipment manufacturer based in California, specializing in the semiconductor industry, faced significant challenges in allocating enough resources for new product development due to bandwidth constraints in their core engineering team. Also, the prevailing downtrend in the semiconductor industry, made it difficult for them to invest in new resources. To overcome these challenges, they approached us to provide specialized engineering support.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was the dual requirement of maintaining ongoing production support while also innovating and developing new products. The client’s internal resources were stretched thin, impacting their ability to focus on critical new initiatives that could propel their growth in the competitive semiconductor market.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we offered comprehensive support in mechanical engineering:

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3D Modeling Support in CRE-O: We provided expert 3D modeling services, utilizing CRE-O software to enhance the design and visualization of components. This improved the accuracy and efficiency of the production process.

2D Manufacturing Drawing Creation: Our team worked on detailed 2D drawings essential for the manufacturing process, ensuring all specifications and standards were met to maintain high-quality production outputs.

ECO/ECN Updates: We handled Engineering Change Orders (ECO) and Engineering Change Notices (ECN), crucial for managing updates and modifications to the designs and processes. This ensured that all changes were documented properly and communicated effectively across the production chain.

Implementation and Results

Throughout the collaboration, our team seamlessly integrated with the client’s internal processes to provide the needed support. Our involvement delivered significant outcomes over one year:

Updated Over 300 Parts: We updated and refined more than 300 individual parts, enhancing their designs for better manufacturability and performance.

Generated Comprehensive Manufacturing Drawings: Each part update was accompanied by a detailed manufacturing drawing, critical for accurately realising components in the production phase.

Streamlined ECO/ECN Processes: By efficiently handling over 300 ECO/ECN updates, we ensured that all design modifications were adequately tracked and implemented, fostering a continuous improvement environment within the production cycles.

By outsourcing these essential but resource-intensive tasks to our specialized team, the client was able to reallocate their internal bandwidth towards pioneering new product development, crucial for staying ahead in the fast-evolving semiconductor industry. The partnership enhanced the client’s operational efficiencies and supported their strategic objective of continuous innovation and improvement.


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