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Every Step of Hardware Product Development

Get your Product Idea Ready for Commercialization

Accelerate your product Time-to-Market with an Optimal Budget

Augment your engineering team capacity with Flexible Staffing

Have an Out-of-the-Box Solution to your Engineering Problem

Concept Development

Market/problem analysis and development of conceptual solutions to meet functional and commercial objectives. Do Industrial Design to make the solution to meet aesthetic and ergonomic requirements.

Concept Validation

Validate the concept's functional and commercial feasibility with QUICK & FRUGAL prototypes covering Mechanical, Electrical, Firmware and Software.

Mechanical Design

Design Plastic and/or Sheet metal enclosures, Mechanisms, Drives to meet structural, functional, EMI/EMC, IP and thermal requirements. Engineer the design to meet DFx requirements using CAD Tools and Engineering Principles.

Electronic Design

Design Control, Communication, IO, Interface and Power circuits. Select component, develop PCB layouts & GERBERs. Engineer the design to meet performance, EMI/EMC, reliability, power budgeting, and thermal requirements.


Develop firmware for embedded systems for control, communication and protocol conversion requirements. Develop application software for user interface & control using C, C++ & .Net framework.

Functional Prototype

Prototype Mechanical and Electronics using in-house infrastructure and eco-system partners. Prototyping spans Rapid Prototype for plastics, Machined Components, Sheet Metal, PCB, PCBA, Harnesses and sourcing all Mechanical and Electrical bought-out items.

Product Validation

Integrate and test for functionality and reliability. Develop test automation systems. Drive Alpha and Beta field trials. Validate IP, Shock & Vibration, Thermal, EMI/EMC and Transportation requirements. Cover compliance and certification for CE, UL, FCC and FDA.


Provide Pilot Lot and Low Volume Manufacturing and Integration. For High Volume transfer to EMS/Production house. Build production line & automation. Develop Packaging, User and Service Manuals.
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