All the building blocks with vision of the BIG picture

Product or Sub-System Development, right from concept to manufacturing and commercialization.

Srushty can own the end to end responsibility, based on your problem definition and requirement.

Electro-Mechanical System

Product or subsystem involving mechanical, electrical-electronics, firmware and software. Example: Printer, Automated-Dispenser and Kiosk.

Mechanical System

Product or subsystem involving pure mechanical design. Example: Pneumatic Fixture, Enclosures, Hand Operated Appliances.

Electrical System

Product or subsystem involving Electrical-Electronics, Firmware design, covering control, IO, communication, power circuits. Example: Integration of peripherals to PC blade. Analog to Digital conversion of measurement data.


The service would cover

  • Market Study

  • Voice-of-Customer Study

  • Concept Development

  • Industrial Design

  • Proof-of-Concept, Testing and Filed Review

  • Mechanical Design - Enclosure, Mechanism, Automation

  • Electrical Design - Control, Communication, IO, Embedded System, Harnesses

  • Mechanical and Electrical Prototyping

  • Functional Testing

  • Design & Optimization to meet DfX, IP, Thermal, EMI/EMC, Safety, Structural and Reliability Goals

  • Sourcing & Vendor Development

  • Test Automation

  • Fixtures & Tooling

  • Production Automation

  • Product Compliance and Certification

  • Packaging Design

  • User, Service & Technical Manual

CAD Modelling

3D modelling using latest CAD software, as per global standards and practice. Can support any Engineering Design Team. Red line updates, localization, design update, CAD rendering and Library creation.

CAD Drafting

Drafting as per global standard, 2D modelling, dual dimensions, mm to inch and vice versa conversion

CAD Legacy Connversion

Converting from physical drawing to latest CAD. Converting CAD formats.

Circuit Design

Analog and Digital circuit design, schematics development. Control circuits, IO, Communication circuits, Peripheral Integration and Protocol conversion.

PCB Design & Layout

Design single, double, and high layer count. Rigid, and Flex-Rigid printed circuit boards.

Embedded System

Hardware and Firmware development using ARM, PIC MICRO,TI and ATMEL.



Finite Element Analysis for thermal, structural, multi-body dynamics.


Sheet metal, Plastic, RPT, machined parts, PCB, Harness including sourcing, integration, assembly, testing and pilot batch production.

Sourcing, Vendor Development

Souring Mechanical and Electrical-Electronic parts, sub-system and manufacturing vendor development to meet product goals.


PoC Development

Develop proof of concept for product ideas, involving mechanical, electrical-electronics, firmware and/or software.

Test & Test Automation

Functional, Reliability testing. Develop Test Automation system for rigorous testing or deployment in production line.

Production Automation

Tools, Jigs & Fixture development. Production automation such as pick-place, auto feeder, auto assembly and auto-QC systems.


Compliance & Certification

Ingress-Protection, Thermal, EMI\EMC, safety compliance. CE, UL, FCC certification.

Packaging Design

Packaging design, Drop testing, vibration testing, transportation testing.

User, Service & Technical Manuals

Development of Product Manuals and Translation.

Onsite Staff Deployment

Mechanical Design, CAD Support onsite staffing for short term and long term requirements.

Managed Staff@Onsite

Deployment design and CAD modelling staff at onsite and deliverables are fully managed by Srushty personnel.

Onsite-Offshore Hybrid Deployment

Deployment of core staff for coordination at onsite and deliverables are managed at offshore.

Onsite Consultancy

Training, Design Review, Critical Design and Development consultancy by Subject Matter Experts at onsite for short term requirement.


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