IOT sensor asset monitoring device - NGP3

Project Overview:

The NGP3 is an IP rated device a updated version of NGP 1, apart from IOT sensor asset monitor or tracker device with 12 onboard sensors, it is also a more compact and water resistant device with a small screen which display the result.

Srushty did the mechanical engineering design of the NGP 3, working with their industrial design and electrical team we finalize the design and dimension of the product enclosure. With the dimension in mind, we conclude on the enclosure design and component arrangement of the product. 

Work flow Process:

We work with the industrial design team for Proof Of Concept of the design requirements given by the clients. Then we prepare a specification of the project, hand sketches, design calculations, and general arrangement layout of the component and PCB in the the enclosure.

3D CAD models: 

We made the detailed 3D design and 3D printed parts of the enclosure as well as of the PCB to check the fittings and feel of the device compactness.

Process the engineering design based on the internal component placement while keeping DFM & DFA in mind.

Assembly sequence:

The component placement and the issues regarding that such as assembly interference, ease assembling and disassembling.

Clearance analysis:

To ensure the dimensional accuracy for exact assembling of components and keep sufficient gaps between all the components.

Manufacturing input:

We released fabrication drawings for manufacturing purposes and provided continued support and maintenance for mass production.


  • Functionality and reliability test

  • Performance test

  • IP testing

  • Thermal Testing

  • Vibration & Drop test up to 1 meter height


NGP 3 is more compact than its previous version of NGP 1 it has also got some extra features but the biggest challenge we face, was to make NGP 3 an IP rated product with water resistant feature.


Srushty grapple with the challenge by our High quality mechanical design capabilities. We added a silicone cover in the design on some part of the product to resist the penetration of water in the USB, charging, adapter, etc; ports and reset button.

Concept-to-Production Responsibility:

  • Complete Mechanical Design starts from Industrial Design Selection

  • Collaboration with the remote team working on Industrial Design, System Architecture, PCB layout Design, Proto Manufacturers and Production House

  • Used wide range of RAPID prototyping methods – 3D printing, Silicone Molding, CNC Machining

  • Responsibility for tool qualification, Production Line Tester design and development


The NGP 3 was successfully made and certified as IP66 rated device. Nimble wireless was very satisfied with the look and feel of the product. After that we made the accessories for this project, till now we did 9 projects for them, in that 3 was mechanical design for their main product and 6 for the accessories of these products.

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