F5- A temperature monitor food grade probe



F5 has a built-in food grade probe to monitor the temperature of food products. The probe pokes inside the meat or any other food product and calculate the temperature of the food.



We worked with the industrial design team to finalize the outlook, finish, colour, appearance etc. of the product and also for the Proof Of Concept of the design made by them and then we had selected the most feasible, cost-effective, and manufacturable design.

We then proceed with the engineering splitting and engineering Details design such as part strengthening, screwing, wire looping etc. design.

We also worked with their electronic team and decide upon the general arrangement layout of component placement and PCB in the enclosure.

Mechanical Engineering:

3D CAD models: We made the 3D design and 3D printed parts of the enclosure as well as of the PCB to check the component arrangement fittings and feel of the device compactness and Manufacturability test through injection moulding.

Process the engineering design based on the internal component placement while keeping DFM & DFA in mind.

Assembly sequence:

The component placement and the issues regarding that such as assembly interference, ease assembling and disassembling.

Clearance analysis:

To ensure the dimensional accuracy for the exact assembling of components and keep sufficient gaps between all the components.

Manufacturing input:

We released fabrication drawings for manufacturing purposes and provided continued support and maintenance for mass production.


Functionality and reliability test

Performance test

IP testing

Thermal Testing

Vibration&Drop test up to a 1-meter height



Disconnection of the Probe while ejecting from the meat.

Made an Internal locking system to hold the probe.


The F5 food temperature monitoring device was successfully made and uses Bluetooth to transmit in real-time sends and stores temperature data in the cloud.

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