DFC Kiosk Second Prototype


The DFC was redesign according to the field study taken in hospitals.

Field report:

The first prototype was taken for field study in hospitals. The doctors & service people's suggestions were collected. The whole concept ideas was appreciated but suggested to withdraw the chair concept.

Client(DFC) Feedback:

DFC service and salespeople were given some suggestions:

  • The modules can plugin from the back,

  • Need more Easy assembly of components

  • Change in the printer position 

After getting the feedback from doctors and client, we made the second prototype with some changes in the design by eliminating chair concept and re-design the industrial design of Tabletop and trolley version.

Industrial Design:

The changes were made in design while keeping all the suggestions in mind. Then finalize the industrial design and all other dimensions with the client.

Second Prototype:

Mechanical engineering of Table Top and Trolley version of the Kiosk was done

  • Detailed 3D CAD design: 3D design was created for all the parts included in the product

  • Each component was made and checked separately.

  • Assembly of components : Assemble all the components into one working model

  • Clearance analysis: to ensure the dimensional accuracy for the exact assembling of components and functionality of all the parts as determined.

Testing :

Mechanical and Software design of the kiosk was tested for its functionality, reliability, and performance.


The Mechanical and Software engineering of the product was successfully completed by Srushty. The clients were very satisfied with the product, we wish them all the success and Look forward to work with them in the future.

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