ICCP Cabinet- A marine enclosure

Project Overview:

Design, develop, & prototype of Rugged, Corrosion resistant, IP (Ingress Protection) rated, EMI/EMC shielded ICCP Cabinet enclosure used as a marine enclosure power source module for the military ship.



The requirement was to make an IP rated enclosure with military standard materials and packaging at low cost.

We Seamless Integrated with Customer’s Core R&D and electronics Team. They provided us with a reference enclosure module and gave details about the components which are to be kept inside that enclosure.


A detailed study on problems faced in ships such as oscillation, resonance, water spill, breakage, etc. was done.


Based on the requirement and mechanical feasibility the 3D design of the enclosure was made and also the material was chosen for that Electro-Mechanical packaging


Sheet metal fabricated prototype was made and tested for standards.

Manufacturing Support:

We transfer the document of the design with the prototype to the client.

We gave potential support to compliance testing and certification and also helped in Manufacture/Tooling vendor coordination & parts qualification for the enclosure.


Tests are performed before handing the design.

  • Vibration test

  • High-temperature test

  • Damp heat test

  • mould growth test

  • Drip proof test

  • Bump test

  • Shock/impact test

  • Inclination test

  • Ship motion test

  • EMI/EMC test



  • Selection of right material which is rigour, rigid, Corrosion resistant and can withstand the salt water environment

  • Rearrangement of the components

  • Making the service easy


  • The spring-loaded bumper was used on the base to bear oscillation.

  • The asymmetrical arrangement of the components inside the enclosure to reduce the vibration resonance effect on the machine.

  • The arrangement was done based on the frequency of servicing of each component and we also design a front door which can come out and rotate like a swing for easy servicing.

  • We use non-conductive material for doors.

  • A plastic material is used to mount all the electrical part

  • A fan was fixed in both left & right side of the enclosure

  • 1 more sheet metal layer designed on top for strength, IP rating and aesthetic of the product.

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