UPS enclosure for Digital Radiography Machine



The project is to re-engineer the UPS enclosure and integrate it into the digital radiography (DR) machine.




The Requirement was to install the UPS inside the DR machine for power back up and make it easy to transport.

Concept Development:

Several concepts on the arrangement of the components of UPS were made and the most mechanically feasible design were selected.

Mechanical Engineering:

Reengineered the UPS enclosure to customize it according to the space available into the DR.


CAD design of DR machine, UPS enclosure and all the components placed into it were made to check the components assembly, fitment and feel of the device compactness.


A sheet metal fabrication of the customized UPS was made.

Assembly sequence:

The component was placed and checked the Concept, assembly interference and ease assembling.

Clearance analysis:

Integrated the UPS into the DR machine and ensure the dimensional accuracy of exact assembling of components, check the sufficient gaps between all the components and tested for EMI/EMC issue



  • The DR machine was already design to compactly packed all the components, hence, limited space available for the battery and the UPS.

  • The new customized enclosure of UPS should not disturb the existing outer enclosure DR machine.

  • We should not keep more weight as it disturbs the centre of gravity balance of the machine.


  • Created customized sheet metal enclosure & placed each component without affected EMI/EMC

  • The transformer was present in DR machine produces heat and radiation did not effect the UPS electronic.

  • The position each component in the given limited space without disturbing the outer encloure of DR machine.

  • The arrangement and orientation of the battery and keep it in the front side base to adjust the space availability at the back.



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