Hand Gripper


Srushty re-engineered the Hand Gripper used for diagnosis of diabetes based on the patient's hand strength.

Work Flow:

Srushty was asked to re-engineer the tool to make it smaller and also to increase its ease of use.

Existing hand gripper : 
The existing product has a large rectangular body with 2 bar rod. It uses linear part method technology for grip analysis in which 1 movable bar rod connected with a spring on one end and a scaling device connected on the other end of it. The pressure given on the bar has been calculated by that scaling device. This process needs a 1-minute grip on the tool.


  • It was big and not convenient to use
  • The old aged patients cannot hold and keep up the same level of pressure for 60 sec
  • As it is rectangular in shape there was no proper way to hold the rod, so patients were using a different approach to grip the tool and hence end up with divergent results.

The economic study was done to finalize the diameter of the pipe so that it can be holdable by anybody, we did the trial with 2-3 different types of the diameter to conclude.

Concept development:
we changed the method from the spring to electrically working load cell to measure the hand pressure. By this concept, the gripping pressure used to diagnose was less and last for only 30sec

Electrical Engineering:
The process followed in the developed hand gripper is first the patient will be asked to apply full pressure while gripping and then only 10% of their full capacity which will be analyzed by 3 different colored indicator red, yellow and green indications for less, more and optimum pressure respectively to be applied. After achieving green, the patient asks to hold it in the same pressure for 30sec
We use the Load cell to check the weight in which mechanical pressure by the patient converted into electrical by calibrating the signal into weight given by the patient and hence, shows the hand strength.

Industrial Design:
The device designed to give an aesthetic look. Sleek and round shape tool to eliminate edges issue while handling. The body was made up of PVC pipe and a hand plate of sheet metal with 2 transparent dieldrin plastic with LED light was used on each end of the tool to show the logo of the company. A silicone covering was made over the PVC pipe and hand plate to give comfort and a lanyard was made to wear over the hand for protecting the tool from dropping

Mechanical Engineering:
the mockup was made with thermocol to check the handleability and look & feel of the product

We made the 3D design of all the parts included in the product as well as of the PCB to check its fittings with the device

1st prototype: 
The acrylic material was used for the 1st prototype by putting load cell alone to test the working.

Product Part development:
A plastic PVC pipe was used for body and a sheet metal plate for pressing. The load cell was placed between it to calculate the grip pressure and a spring is added to satisfy the patient and make them feel the pressure applied by them.

The electronics of the product was a big challenge for the product. The PCB should be small enough to go inside the round and sleek PVC pipe body and the value should caliber with the pressure given by the patients.

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