Portable Point Of Sale or POS machine


The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Point Of Sale or POS machine which process the customer transaction in the retail store. It includes various modules such as:

Touchscreen LCD display (Detachable),


cash drawer, 

receipt printer,


customer OLED display and a

barcode scanner



Phase I - Working Table top module of Suitcase POS System (Physical Electronics & Virtual Mechanical)

Phase II - Working Prototype of Suitcase POS System (Physical Electronics & Mechanical)

Phase III - Production Ready Design and Transfer of Suitcase POS System to Production


Work Flow:

Idea validation:

The clients came with the idea of POS and we validated it in terms of engineering feasibility.

Electrical Engineering:

The PCB is made by Srushty which connects all the various electronic parts (modules) through the designed pathways and also provides physical support to the components. It gives input/output connections that make device functional.

Industrial Design Development:

We Designed 3-4 ID's for the product after studying the target market and also according to the integaration of the elctrical. In that client selected 1 design for the POS


A detailed CAD design was made for the enclosure as well as for the PCB to test the fittings and integration of mechanical & electrical components.

Rapid Prototype:

A frugal prototype was made in inhouse 3D printer. All the parts are 3D printed and perform all functional and reliability test for mechanical, electronics and system

Assembly sequence:

The components placement was done and finds out the issues regarding the process such as assembly interference, easy assembling and disassembling.

CNC Prototype:

After making all the vital changes in the design by testing through 3D printing parts, it goes to CNC machining to give the prototype its strength, perfect finishing and look and feel similar to the final product



  • The hinge joints of keyboard tray, second display and screen display of POS was not rigid and unable to stand in all the possible angles.

  • Mounting the display is not rigid while closing the POS monitor comes out from the position


Conical Spring was arranged properly to increase the friction of the hinges.

Sheet metal reinforced on detaching plate and clamping area on the monitor.


Deliver complete Mechanical and Electronic design document along with a fully functional CNC product.




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